Our Firm

We are a proven executive talent search firm organization that transforms businesses by providing End-to-End hiring solutions. Our mission is to create extraordinary leadership groups that effect change.We effectively execute the change management to transform the business with proven Hiring strategies. We work in a variety of industries, including retail, manufacturing, medical care, energy, innovation, and government. Private Equity and Corporates are two of our most important practice areas.

Meritocracy at the core

Our corporate ecosystem includes some of the most creative compensation models in our industry to align incentives with client needs and to catalyze professional growth, bringing in a strong foundation for Quality and Effective Hiring based on meritocracy- which is our core value and as a result all the steps out the work and Blue Ocean Talent aims to choose the best person for the job, resulting in a quality workforce.

Strategic due diligence

We perform thorough due diligence on the potential candidates while performing the End to End strategic hiring decisions for our clients which involves detailed pre-screening, data analysis and personality assessment, fitment, experience and exploring their potential and this aids in the development of an unbreakable tie of trust between our employees and the organization, as well as the security of our work.

Invested in Relationships

We specialize in navigating the right talent and feel immense pleasure in doing so. We treat everyone with respect and hope for a long term relationship. Our main objective is to provide the best services which help to build authentic human connections with clients and candidates alike.

Diversity and inclusion commitment

At Blue Ocean Talent, we focus on developing leadership teams and recognize that the most effective teams are diverse. We understand our role in forming the foundation of our client’s teams, as well as the impact we have on our candidates’ existence. We are committed to conducting a fair and thorough hiring process. We promise to:

  • Execute inventive research and systems administration techniques that form a different pipeline of Candidates.
  • Make equivalent admittance to our work by openly posting our customer’s parts.
  • Hold fast to procedures and enactment that help pay value and sincerity.

Agility and Flexibility

Regardless of our size, we will always act like a “small company” and remain agile and nimble in how we treat our clients. Blue Ocean will never be too big to react quickly to a new idea or too beholden to habit to adjust our approach to the situation at hand.

Our Journey

Our founders came from the operations practices of world-class consulting firms. When supporting clients, they recognized that the underlying issue often involved the talent in the organizations they were serving. So rather than serve clients via short-term consulting engagements, they decided to create PierceGray – to help growing companies build great, self-reliant leadership teams.

Our growth as a firm – across industries, functions and regions – has been intentional and organic. We make ongoing investments in our people, assessment methodologies and practice areas. And we always treat each new client as if they were our first. As a result, we have built a distinctive culture, search process and executive network that clients have come to trust.

As a professional services firm, we pride ourselves on a results-oriented culture made up of committed, intelligent, collaborative team members. We invest in people who are passionate about solving human capital challenges and fundamentally motivated by the impact of our work – because finding the right leader unlocks the potential of an organization and the people within it.