About Corporates

Apart from private equity firms, Blue Ocean Talent also conducts corporate hiring. Corporate hiring is a collection of recruiting potential candidates that are related to internal or HR recruitment and are focused on finding employees for a single company. Corporate recruiters focus their efforts within the company on finding qualified persons to fill open positions within the same firm.

How do Corporates hire?

Other than the predominant focus on Private Equity and their portfolio companies, Blue Ocean Talent is also a preferred partner for Corporates and Fortune 1000 companies. The hiring efforts for Corporates tend to require a huge amount of planning and execution that involves ramping up on various skill sets in huge volumes to cater to their business transformation projects. Blue Ocean Talent helps in building a strong pipeline for such volumes to also ensure there is proactive planning and sufficient bench strength for their tech and operational requirements. Blue Ocean Talent performs deep analytics into the Organisational structure and provides cost effective advisory solutions such as revamping the Onshore – Offshore model with right size and scalability and building proactive pipelines to meet short and long term business and client needs.