The world’s leading Executive Search & Leadership Talent specialists for Private Equity and Corporates.

We pride ourselves on knowing our markets exceptionally well; our market intelligence solutions empower you to keep on top of themes, compensation trends and industry regulations. 

From entry-level Human Resource employment to Head of HR and Human Resources Director positions, the HR division has something for everyone. Both very durable, fixed-term, and impermanent day rate positions are covered by the HR category.

Our HR professionals have a track record of successfully filling HR and Secretarial positions in the Insurance and Financial Services industries.

Our experts are from an HR foundation and comprehend the progressions inside HR and comprehend the always-changing universe of HR.

In administrations, human resource choices characterize marks and separate contributions, so when we work with an administration’s client we see exactly what tracks down the perfect individual. 

Our Clients are centered around functional greatness, top-line development, and a solid C-suite. So are we. Our training explicit groups approach one of the most top-to-bottom worldwide authority networks accessible across corporate capacities. 

We guarantee our clients can enroll the absolute best pioneers to meet their essential requirements.

Our useful and industry-practiced areas enable us to track down the best leaders, from experiences on what industry patterns signify for ability pools to knowledge on which organizations produce institution talent to job explicit assessment procedures.

Each new client is treated as if they were our first. As a result, we’ve established a distinct culture, search cycle, and top organization that our clients have grown to rely on.


Private Equity is an elective type of private financing, away from public business sectors, in which assets and financial backers straightforwardly put resources into organizations or participate in buyouts of such organizations. Private Equity can take on different structures, from complex utilized buyouts to funding. With an exceptional track record of delivering high end Talent Solutions value to Private Equity firms, Blue Ocean Talent is a preferred go to Partner for thousands of Private Equity and their portfolio companies



Corporate recruiting is the point at which an organization decides to recruit potential representatives themselves, this might be inside or remotely. Our organization has a devoted group of hiring representatives in their finance so there is no need to bother with outer assistance. Corporate recruiting is otherwise called in-house or inward enrolling. Other than the predominant focus on Private Equity and their portfolio companies, Blue Ocean Talent is also a preferred partner for Corporates and Fortune 1000 companies.